Have you received a diagnosis of cancer or are you supporting someone who has?
Don’t know who to talk to?
Are you being challenged by the effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy? your diagnosis?
Have you finished treatment and don’t know where to turn?
Do you just need some help?
Then we may be able to help.

The Centre is open to clients 5 days a week, Monday to Friday 9.30am til 4.30pm with a late night on Tuesday until 7.45pm.

We are now opening Saturday mornings. Open hours are 9.30 – 12.30, 2nd Saturday and 4th Saturday of every month. Appointments need to be booked in advance and there will also be talks and activities running alongside.  Please see Events Diary for details

We offer support to anyone affected by cancer. That could mean you have a diagnosis or you are supporting someone with a diagnosis.

That support could be

  • a chat over a cup of tea in the bistro with one of our experienced volunteers,
  • it could be joining one of the many groups we run throughout the week,
  • it may be accessing a unique programme of supporting complementary therapies tailored to your needs,
  • it may be attending some of our workshops.

Whatever support you need, you choose.
We believe that the impact of cancer is not just physical, and that recovery is assisted by attending to the needs of the whole person, mind, body, spirit and emotions.
Our aim is to provide you with techniques that help you to support yourself on the road towards recovery.
Accessing therapies, learning Self-Help techniques, taking part in Groups and Talks can all help lessen some of the distressing symptoms which may occur as possible side effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Side effects such as fatigue, pain, nausea, sleeplessness, anxiety or panic attacks.
Our support will work alongside conventional medical interventions.

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  • What a difference a day makes. This was the day I phoned the C.S.C. for help and support. It completely changed my life from a life of despair to a life of hope and fulfilment.

  • Thank you to everyone connected to the C.S.C. for their help and support.

  • The centre is a place to relax and forget the troubles of the world. Thanks to the therapists that taught me to relax and “switch off”.

  • Just having a chat and cup of tea at the centre helps to restore some peace of mind.

  • Friends…having a chat, sharing good times and difficult ones. Laughter and someone to listen when you need to talk. That’s what the centre is to me.

  • I feel like someone has put a blanket around my shoulders when I walk through the doors.

  • As a carer of someone who has terminal cancer I feel so relaxed coming to the centre and being with others in similar situations. Reading, relaxing and just chilling out.

  • Always lovely friendly and kind people at the centre. Always someone to talk and laugh with.

  • My second home. Love it here.

  • Life after cancer begins here at the Sutton Cancer centre.

  • Support, knowledge/informed choice, drop in classes, positivity. Putting me in the driving seat-being a life line. I am far happier.

  • The whole experience of the centre has helped me greatly. The treatments have relieved my symptoms which were sometimes debilitating. I feel happy content and whole again! A very different person to that of 12 months ago.

  • Very friendly, relaxing environment. Not a place I thought I would be visiting, but pleased it was recommended to me. Somewhere I can be myself.

  • The Centre is a place I can talk openly to someone without worrying about upsetting my family. There is always someone to listen and help.

  • The Centre gives me lots of support, laughter and friendships

  • The help, love and support at the Centre has brought me back to being me

  • Without the Centres’ close support I really don’t think my mom would be here today. Thank you.

  • I really think everybody touched by cancer can find something to help them at the Centre, and in an atmosphere that is always cheerful and friendly.

  • I could never repay the Centre for what they have done. Cancer is a very lonely disease. If people could come here they would not be so lonely.

  • Cancer does affect the whole family and I am sure if it wasn’t for the genuine, constant support we received at the Centre, I would not be able to continue enjoying my family life today. I am so grateful for their help at a time when our lives were at rock bottom.