There are many ways in which a company can support us, and develop their CSR at the same time.

It is not always money – sharing your expertise can be even more valuable to us.

  1. Support projects:
    • Improve our IT
    • Marketing project
    • Training for our staff
  1. Fund raising activity
    • Create and produce marketing materials.
    • Run an event for us
    • Adopt us as Charity of the year

3. Gifts in Kind

  • Donate office supplies
  • Donate therapy supplies
  • Items for raffle prizes !
  1. Sponsor a room / a course / a group or a talk.
  2. Sponsor promotional items – volunteer tee shirts, lanyards and badges, mugs, pens.
  3. Sponsor Wellbeing Theme of the week or month – promotion and samples
  4. Share your expertise and help us with your skills, knowledge or time
    • Advisors to the board or Trustee members
    • Volunteers to support our operations and corporate governance
    • Volunteers to support our front line services or events
    • Use your networks to raise our profile.

Encourage your retired staff to volunteer with us