Originating from the Latin 'Acu' – Needle; Literally meaning to puncture with a needle. Despite sounding aggressive it is far gentler in practice!!

It is based on the existence of 12 meridian lines of energy (Qi – pronounced "chee") which flow around the body both internally and externally. When this energy is disrupted then illness results.

The insertion of fine needles along specific points of these channels frees up or strengthens the energy thus allowing the body to rebalance and return to good health. Auricular acupuncture is also available.



This therapy is about the controlled use of essential oils to maintain and/or improve the health of mind, body and spirit. Massage is the most effective way of receiving essentials oils.

It combines the relaxing aspects of massage with the aromatic scent of the oils which, when absorbed through the skin, relax muscles, enhance circulation, reduce pain perception, help eliminate toxins and give that ‘feel good’ factor.

AromaRainbow: Available as an aromatherapy, AromaRainbow is a simple yet powerful self-help therapy that combines all our sensory systems together to create the reality of our choice. The use of beautiful colours and exquisite aromas trigger vibrations of empowerment, self-confidence and joy. It offers an easy-to-use system of help, support and coping strategies for stress, ill-health, fears and anxieties.

AromaRainbow can be used discreetly by anyone, any time, anywhere to help bring about change and personal transformation. (

Aromatic Medicine gives a more targeted application of aromatherapy than that normally provided through massage. The method of administration and the quantities of essential oils used are based on a functional chemical approach, giving more predictable results. A holistic health assessment identifies the conditions to be treated, the most appropriate chemical groups and essentialoils to be used, and the most effective method of application. Pure essential oils are administered neat or in low dilution via skin or respiratory system or ingested through the digestive system. Communication and feedback between client and therapist are essential components of the treatment. Aromatologists undertake additional post-basic training and education in the chemistry of the oils and learn about safe prescription and administration.


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