2 Monthly

5th February Draw

First Prize :     25  Sheila

Second Prize : 113  Janet

Congratulations to this months winners and to all who are supporting the Club Lottery.

By registering you will be helping us to support those affected by cancer.



Here’s how it works…

Sign Up

First, you complete and sign the Membership Form and return it to us

Then either :

  • Complete the Standing Order mandate for £24 annually (£2 a draw),
  • Or pay £24 by cheque, or cash in person at the centre.
  • Or make a bank transfer of the amount. (Please let us know you have done this when you return your Membership form, so we can look out for your payment .)

This buys you one membership number which enters you into the monthly draw.

You may request a number (1 – 200) , and if it is available then it is yours, if not then we will allocate the next available number.

All participants must be over 16.

The Draw

The draw will take place on the 5th of each month

(or the next working day if that falls on a weekend / Bank Holiday).

If you win, we will contact you to find out how you wish to receive your winnings.

We can either :

  • Hand over your prize winnings at the CSC
  • Or you can request a cheque which will be posted to your home address.
  • Or, You may even wish to donate your winnings back !!!!!

The winning numbers and first name will be published in the Centre, on Facebook and here on the website.

The prize money will be 30% of the membership fee taken that month.

First Prize will be 20%

Second Prize 10%.

The remaining 70% goes to the Cancer Support Centre to fund support for clients and the costs to keep the Centre running.

Why not buy a number as a present ???

If you wish to purchase an annual 70:30 Club number for someone as a present, complete the Membership Form in their name, including their email address*, but let us know that it is a gift purchase, and how you intend to make the payment.

Either pay by cash or cheque at the office, or via direct bank transfer.

Ensure that if you complete the standing order form you cross out the request for regular annual payment, unless you intend to pay again next year.

Please Note :  Standard practice is to email confirmation of receipt of first payment and the date of first draw.  If you wish us not to do this, then please advise us.

       * We would appreciate the email address of the member so that we can send a quarterly newsletter, and let them know of any exciting fundraising events we have going on. 


Thank you for your support

All profits go to The Cancer Support Centre (Registered Charity No. 1089658).

The CSC is registered under the Small Society Lottery with Birmingham City Council.

Responsible Person(s) : Patricia Brighton.

Our Terms and Conditions are available in the information pack here.

All participants must be 16 years or over

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