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We are offering 1:1 therapy sessions on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Some are still at the Centre and also some will be available over the phone and zoom as before

If you would like to book an appointment

please call the Centre on 0121 378 6295 and we will be able to let you know when the next available appointment is.

Keeping Safe

We are working really hard to ensure that both your and our safety is top of our agenda. There will be set procedures in place that we will adhere to and we would ask that you do too.

Here is a link to the procedures we have set in place and a short video showing what to expect when you come to the Centre, plus what we ask of you too !

Coming to the Centre & Staying safe

What to expect at the Centre

There will be a limited number of therapies and appointments available each day so you may need to be patient if you wish to see a specific therapist.

It will also be very important that you let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to attend, as we expect there will be a waiting list for each therapist.

You can also message us by email

or  use the


We will call you back Tuesday to Thursday between 9am -5pm or if you prefer by email

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If you have recently been diagnosed with cancer, or are affected by cancer in any way, and want to have someone to talk things through with, then please get in touch by phone 0121 378 6295 or via this link here.  If you leave your phone number, along with a short message we will be in touch as soon as we can.

We have staff and therapists who will contact you to talk about the things we can do to help, and make some suggestions for some 1:1 sessions (over the phone or zoom) we can offer now.

For existing clients please get in touch here  and let us know if you need support.  We are able to offer 1 :1 appointments at the Centre,  or on the phone or ‘zoom’ appointments.

Formal Counselling – Lin

Holistic Talking Therapy – Roy A wonderful session that can help you to learn to relax and manage any feelings of anxiety and stress amongst lots of other things !

Reiki, – Sheila, Karen, Roy, Loretto This can be really effective even when given ‘over the phone’ !!

EFT tapping,– Loretto  It is very easy to learn and can help to reduce stress and anxiety, sleeplessness and pain.

Aroma sticks – Loretto and Karen Aromatherapy you can carry around in a small inhaler.  The oils added are unique to you and can help with lots of things from sleeplessness and anxiety, to helping with sickness and managing hormone flushes !

Emmett –Karen It is possible to deliver remotely if required to help alleviate stiffness and increase movement.  (It worked for me !)

Reflexology – Vicki, Sue, Loretto Banish all those aches and pains from neuropathy, past surgery, improve sleep and relax.

Acupuncture – Chris A therapy that can really help with a whole host of challenges, from pain to hormonal challenges and some psychological issues.

Homeopathy – Natalie If you have seen Natalie in the past and would like to have a chat about your ongoing treatment then please get in touch !

CSC Feel like a Hug ???   Saturday Mornings 10.30 – 10.45am

We will be offering all clients Reiki Distant Healing each Saturday morning.  If you would like to receive this for yourself, family or friends then please send just your name via the Contact-Us page.  Toni & The Reiki Therapists at CSC will then send you Reiki Distant Healing each Saturday between the set times.  If you yourself have Reiki qualifications then please feel welcome to join in the Distant Healing with us.


Looking forward to seeing you.  Book your place via the event calendar. We request a £3 donation to help cover therapist costs.  The zoom link will be emailed to you on the morning of the session.

CSC Help Yourself – Yoga with Helen

Every Wednesday.  (60 minutes)  Open from 12.15 and the session will start promptly at 12.30pm  Please ensure you are ready and signed in


CSC Help Yourself – Relaxation with Roy

Every Friday. (30 minutes)  Open from 11.30am and the Relaxation session will start promptly at 11.45am. Please ensure you are signed in and ready.  Roy will be online from 11.30am to help.



Looking forward to seeing you.

CSC Help Yourself – Relaxation with Roy

Every Friday. (30 minutes)

Open from 11.30am and the Relaxation session will start promptly at 11.45am. Please ensure you are signed in and ready.  Roy will be online from 11.30am to help.


CSC Help Yourself Talks     

Every Monday afternoon you will find a new talk on our CSC Helpyourself  Yourtube channel .

We are currently sharing videos about various therapies and the therapists are sharing what they are and how they can help …..

CSC Help Yourself You Tube channel      Available at any time you need it !

Visit to see what we have on offer for you.  We are adding new things all the time!!!

Click on Subscribe and you will be notified when something new is added!!

There you will find the following sessions :

Getting the most from your PC or iPad safely ! a talk by Digikick A recording of the live talk  on Monday 8th June

Reiki for Beginners    A recording of the talk  on Monday 1st June

You are stronger than you think !    – Building your Resilience    A recording from a live session with Zoe Bennet aka the Motivational Queen. Watch and learn about the top 10 tips for building your resilience (plus a bonus extra). We are all stronger than we think we are and Zoe explores ways that we can tap into this inner strength.  ound crackles a little in places but definitely worth persevering !

Aromatherapy at home     Learn some basic aromatherapy combinations to help boost your immune system and discover how you can use what you have around your house to improve health and wellbeing.  Make sure you have a pen and notepad to hand, as you will want to make some notes ….  although you can revisit anytime !!!!

Breathing!     We all believe that we know how to breathe, but do we do it in the most effective way? By learning some simple exercises we can ensure that our bodies are working more efficiently, and we can lower stress and increase our immunity.

Positive Thinking …. What does it really mean? Learn simple techniques to learn and practice to help make you feel more positive and happy.

Supporting Immunity through nutrition  A video with Kate Hope who usually does our monthly Nutrition based talks on how to increase your immunity through what you eat.

Nutrition with Kate – looking at The Benefits of Eating More Alkaline Foods.   A recording of the live talk  on Monday 18th May

Nutrition with Kate – PART 2 further Benefits of Eating More Alkaline Foods.   A recording of the live talk  on Monday 15th June

Making a Sweet Potato Bread A video with Kate making a delicious bread

Making a Nutritious Smoothie A video with Kate making a tasty smoothie full of anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant ingredients.

CSC Help Yourself Yoga with Helen Start with the Yoga 1 as an initial warm up session to activate the body before trying the Yoga 2 which is an Energy Block Release session to mobilise and detox the body.

CSC Help Yourself Tai Chi with Jane Jane has added some new videos to the Tai Chi. Go to ‘Playlists’ to watch and take part in order.  Warm up with Tai Chi 1 and then continue on if you wish to…..

Please leave us some feedback in the comments section for the video.  We would love to hear from you


Jackie Price
Centre Manager