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The Cancer Support Centre

Dear Clients,

We hope you are finding the support and treatments that the Cancer Support Centre offers to you beneficial.

As you may already know we are a small, independent, self-funding charity and have to raise the monies to run the Centre from donations, and fundraising. One important source of funds is from clients making a contribution towards the treatments and groups that are included in their treatment plan. The level of contribution asked for has stayed the same since 2016.

We are helping more people year on year, however, donations are not increasing in the same proportions. We do not want to limit support, or stop new people accessing the support they need; therefore we are having to become more systematic in collecting a contribution for the support that clients do receive.

We want to ensure that we are transparent about the contributions we ask for to support your treatment programme and we are writing to you, so you know what to expect as we tighten up on asking for those contributions.

When you register as a client the initial set up, Assessment, Treatment plan plus the first Re-Assessment Review costs the charity £296 to provide. Clients are asked for just £20.

Many of you have said how you really value your Re-Assessment review, as a chance to reflect on how helpful therapies and other support has been, and to discuss with your Client Advocate what would benefit you most going forward. You told us, as your situation changed, the Re-assessment offered the support and guidance to allow you to select the most appropriate help we have on offer at the Centre.

Once the initial Treatment plan is complete, a contribution of £20 for each one to one session - Therapies or Re-assessment review, will be requested.

You may be interested to know that each session costs us £46 to provide. Your donation of £20 donation helps, and we have to cover the rest from other fund raising activities.

If you are facing financial hardship we will of course take that into account and you will be able to agree a lower manageable contribution with your Client Advocate. Please say so.

Group sessions will also continue to request a donation of £3 +

It would be amazing if we could offer services without having to ask for contributions but the reality is sadly we cannot. Thank you so much for using the Centre and for helping us to continue to help you and anyone affected by cancer.

Marie Moore
Chair of Trustees




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