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Our aim is to provide you with techniques that help you to support yourself on the road towards recovery.

We offer a range of Workshops, Courses and Talks, as we know that we will not always be there when you need a helping hand to manage.

The aim of them all is to provide you with techniques that you can use, and things that you can do, wherever you are, when you need them to Help Yourself.

Learning these techniques, can help lessen some of the distressing symptoms which may occur as possible side effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Side effects including fatigue, pain, nausea, sleeplessness, anxiety or panic attacks.

Help yourself

A wellbeing programme for you, to help you build in effective stress management and wellbeing habits into your life.

Help Yourself – Tools and Tips:

  • Experience shows that those who are able to stay calm and relaxed during their cancer journey are better able to:
  • Cope with the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy;
  • Manage the effects of pain, sickness and fatigue;
  • Build a strong and resilient immune system;
  • Reduce anxiety & stress and enhance their wellbeing.

Come along and learn some of the essential tools and tips to manage your stresses and achieve a state of relaxation anytime, anywhere.

Upcoming Dates: To Be Confirmed.

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Help Yourself  – More Techniques to explore;-

Mindfulness and Meditation

Practical exercises in Mindfulness and Meditation for a calmer and more focused state of mind.

Next Date: To Be Confirmed.

Understanding Stress

Exploring what causes your stresses, how to reduce stress and  creating coping mechanisms for a more relaxed life.

Next Date : To Be Confirmed.

Building Resilience

Learn how to develop the confidence and self-belief to bounce back no matter what

Next Date : To Be Confirmed.

Relaxation & Sleep

Discover a range of techniques to improve your sleep quality
and learn how to relax more easily

Next Date : To Be Confirmed.

Positive Thinking

Understand how to create a positive mind-set to reduce the impact
of fear and worry. Become your own cheerleader!

Next Date : To Be Confirmed.

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Tool and Tips are Free (Can be repeated as and when required)  

The Techniques to Explore  are a minimum donation of £5  (Can be repeated as and when required)  

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What people have said :
“Come along and do it. You will get so much out of it … It will change the way you think.”
“The sessions will alter the way you approach things and give you tools to help YOU “
“It has helped me understand the pressures I put on myself which cause me stress, and given me ways to cope, and relax.”
“It has given me techniques to use at home and in my own time when I need them “

We ask that you book in advance for the sessions that you wish to attend


Who can learn Reiki?

Anyone who has the desire to learn. No previous experience is required, only the willingness to allow the energy to flow through them for the best possible outcome. Practitioners of other therapies find that Reiki adds a new dimension to their previous skills.

Reiki Courses

Courses will run throughout the year. They usually run as group courses where numbers are limited to a maximum of 12 people. They are great fun and a wonderful way to meet like-minded people.

Reiki Level 1:

Many of our clients have received the benefits of Reiki from the therapists here at the Centre, and now this is an opportunity for you to explore and learn about Reiki yourself.

Reiki is an ‘Energy Therapy’ which can be learned and used to aid relaxation and support the bodies’ immune system.

This is an introductory course, which gives you a chance to explore and learn Reiki and how to give yourself Reiki whenever or wherever you need it, or to give support to your loved ones through stressful situations and the course of illness.

As it runs over 2 days it gives plenty of time for you to learn, practice and ask questions.

Runs on a Saturday 10am – 4pm
Cost £50 for clients ( Full price £100)

Next Date: To Be Confirmed.



Reiki Level 2:

This 2 day course provides an opportunity for those who have already completed Reiki 1 to renew and deepen their commitment to Reiki. They will learn a more advanced healing for themselves and others. They will also learn how to send Reiki as a form of Distant Healing. The ‘attunement’ for this qualification is a powerful one and will enhance your intuition. At this level you will be expected to complete ‘case studies’

Successful students will receive a Reiki 2 Certificate and also a copy of their ‘Lineage.’

They will also be able to call themselves a Reiki Practitioner.

Open to anyone already trained to Level One
• Completion will enable you to deliver Reiki as a therapy
• Available on request. Please contact the office.

Reiki Two Course Dates for 2021: To Be Confirmed.

Amount:  £180 full cost (£150 discounted price for clients of The Cancer Support Centre)

Monthly Reiki Share

• Open for all who have already trained in Reiki One or Reiki Two
• A chance to share, receive and give Reiki
Runs  10am – 1pm Cost £3

Wellbeing Talks  Donation of £3

Next Date: To Be Confirmed.

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Kate Johnson is an Alkaline Nutritional Practitioner and Holistic Nurse. Her talks in the past have been really informative and full of hints and tips to keep yourself as well as you can, whilst going through stressful situations.    Presented in such a way that you can take away as much, or as little as you want to, and still be able to make a difference to your wellbeing.  They are always well received and popular.

Sally Abrol is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who has helped clients by changing thought patterns and mental habits. (Unfortunately Sally is unable to facilitate the next session. Roy our Hypnotherapist will be leading this session.)

Therapist Talks  Donation of £3

Come and hear from one of our own therapists about one of the therapies we offer here at the Centre. ( To be confirmed)
7.45 – 9.00 pm

Relaxation & Visualisation Workshop

Learn how to relax easily any time you need to
• Reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep, self-esteem and confidence
• Enhance learning, sporting abilities, and health

One day course on a Saturday 10 am – 4 pm
Cost £60 for clients ( Full price £100)

Dates To Be Confirmed
Book at the Office or email:



This is a course run over two days in partnership with Penny Brohn Cancer Care looking at different aspects of living with cancer.

We are very fortunate that they come along to the Centre to run this course with? us.

Dates TBC

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