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Imagine a place of sanctuary where people gather to laugh, chat and relax. Picture a place where positive thinking and kindness are the core values. Over fifteen years ago, Mavis Cunningham had an idea to create that place. Her vision was special because it was specifically tailored to meet the needs of people living with cancer.

Today that dream is a reality and the Cancer Support Centre has gone from strength to strength. It has grown not only in size but also in its capacity to care, thanks to all the staff, therapists, client advocates plus the volunteers and trustees who donate their time.

We also need to give a big thank you to all our supporters who tirelessly raise the funds for the organisation to exist. We do not get any funding from the government or local authority to provide our services so every penny has to be raised from events and donations, plus some grants.

In order to provide our services we have to raise and average of £3200 per week.  At really busy times this cost rises to £3600 !

Actual cost of a 1:1 therapy is £42

Actual cost of running a group per hour is £46

You can help us to provide the support to those affected by cancer by :

A big thank you to all those who have supported us over the past year… 18 months….

There has been a real ‘coming together’ of minds and spirit to keep our much-cherished Centre running, albeit virtually for much of last year!

It is great that we are now open again, but the challenge to raise funds to provide the support that is so badly needed continues.

We could not be where we are today without every single one of you, and for that we are so grateful.

We fear missing someone out so will not name names …..

We could not of done it without each and every one of you !.

Thank you… 

Everyone for their Regular standing orders and Gifts and Donations. You know who you are!

Supporter Events:

Your sponsored events… running, cycling, and lots of other things !

The Team making the home mades : making masks, bags, cakes and all sorts of other goodies

To the Ebay team –for managing the site, and those helping to collect, promote and send the items to their new homes !

The Birthday Collections 

Gifts in Memoria of loved ones

Our Volunteers :

For our office angels who have helped us from time to time

The therapists for Reiki every Saturday morning

For the Virtual Fundraising Team creating events to raise funds

Our Trustees & Chris Kimberley (Treasurer) for the coming together in these uncertain times and steering the Centre forward!

Our Staff:    For understanding and supporting our Centre, keeping everything going through some very difficult circumstances.

Our Therapists:     Who have given their time freely to support our clients over lock down with support, treatments, and phone calls.

And most importantly to YOU !       For participating in our events and supporting us every step of the way.

For the Companies who have donated, raised funds for us and donated goods  :  BNI Perks for their support, Enoch Evans for Free Wills fortnight; Adapt Business Solutions donating PEP and office supplies;

For the Grant makers who really made last year and our survival through extremely difficult circumstances possible.

The Pink Ribbon Foundation;  Birmingham City Council; Government Furlough Scheme; Sutton Town Council; CAF Resilience Fund; Heart of England Doing thigs Differently fund

Thank you

To Our Patrons who support us each year THANK YOU

Our Patrons

  • James Pike
    James Pike Patron

    James is a great supporter of the Centre and regularly hosting Afternoon Tea events at Cookes restaurant.

  • Tony Christie
    Tony Christie Patron

    Tony has been a Patron and supporter of the Centre for many years and often organises events to raise funds for us, which usually includes him taking to the stage!

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